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Re: You

Post by OTʜᴇB » 13 Oct 2016 22:23

Ahzoh wrote:
OTʜᴇB wrote:
Ahzoh wrote:
OTʜᴇB wrote:Strongly anti-capitalist. Somewhat socialist.
Yay! *gives high five*
But I'm an anarcho-communist. I also search to recruit like-minded anti-capitalists to the cause.
Ah. Then I'm probably not your guy (pacifist [:3] ). I'm also not as far Left wing as you. but the left-wing-iness is nice.

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Re: You

Post by qwed117 » 13 Oct 2016 23:44

I've begun to swing libertarian, which is quite interesting. I'm quite the strange "libertarian" given how much I advocate for the unwinding of business interests in Congress, advocating for war in Iraq, and hating the guts out of both Ayn Rand and Johnson. I personally would vote Clinton, one million times over any other candidate. And, isidewith seems to validate me there, giving me a 92% agreement rating with her.
Although, to be honest, my political views waver from one day to the next. Sometimes, none of the candidates would get above a 60%, and other days Hillary takes the lead.
Relevant Political Compass
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New:(-5.63, -5.08)
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Re: You

Post by KaiTheHomoSapien » 13 Oct 2016 23:49

A lot of my views are libertarian too, but sometimes I find libertarianism goes too far to the point of having no safeguard against tyranny by the majority. Their answer to everything (in the U.S. at least) seems to be "let the states decide", even if the states make unfair and oppressive decisions. Obviously they'd be limited by the Constitution, but sometimes it seems like libertarians aren't willing to take much of a definitive stance on many issues and it comes off a bit amoral and non-committal.

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Re: You

Post by qwed117 » 14 Oct 2016 00:01

KaiTheHomoSapien wrote:A lot of my views are libertarian too, but sometimes I find libertarianism goes too far to the point of having no safeguard against tyranny by the majority. Their answer to everything (in the U.S. at least) seems to be "let the states decide", even if the states make unfair and oppressive decisions. Obviously they'd be limited by the Constitution, but sometimes it seems like libertarians aren't willing to take much of a definitive stance on many issues and it comes off a bit amoral and non-committal.

The scariest thing on isidewith is seeing the words "I side with x% with Pence" where x is greater than, or equal to one.
My minicity is Zyphrazia and Novland
What is made of man will crumble away.

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Re: You

Post by sangi39 » 22 Oct 2016 16:20

I like to update my information every couple of years or so, so here we are again:

Alias(es): Sangi39 (you can find me online occasionally as Wikim3, but I don't use that at all now)

Location: North Yorkshire, England, UK (if you know the McDonalds just of the A1, you know where I live)

Date of Birth: August 2nd 1989

Gender (or "sex" if you prefer): Male

Sexuality: Bisexual. Outside of close friends and strangers I meet on nights out when visiting said friends, I'm still not completely "out". My family still don't know, and overall, only 1 person I know within about 25 miles of where I live knows.

Marital Status: Still complicated. I'm still married in a legal sense, and still friends with my "ex"-wife. As for other relationships, that's also somewhat complicated. I'm sticking with "roughly single, more or less" [:P]

Education: BA Archaeology 2:1

Occupation: Finally promoted to shift supervisor. It only took 3 years, lol

Political Ideology: I'm still saying "social democrat, sort of". As always, my political positions on a given matter continue to change, as well they should [:)]

Religion: None, atheist. Generally speaking, though, it hardly ever comes up.

Interests: Hmmm, conlanging, obviously, archaeology, history, linguistics, astronomy, physics, anthropology (specifically kinship, marriage, social structure and the like), drinking (mostly with friends, but I will, sadly, drink alone), board games, generally nerdiness really.

Favorite Music: Metal... Black, Death, Groove, Thrash, Doom, Folk, Symphonic, but nothing like Iron Maiden or Metallica and I'm not a huge fan of Black Sabbath either (they're the three bands people have said "oh, like..." most often when I say "Metal"). I also like NDH and NFH, Industrial Metal and even some industrial music in general as well as SOAD and RATM.

Favourite TV Show(s): The Big Bang Theory, Firefly, recently started watching Ash vs Evil Dead, overall though I've kind of fallen behind on watching TV.

Favourite Film(s): Star Wars: Episode IV (can't really go wrong with it), pretty much all of the recent Marvel films and Serenity. Oh, and almost anything by Tim Burton.

Favourite Book(s): I almost exclusively read non-fiction (relating to my interests above), but I love Terry Pratchett's Discworld books (favourites being the Death books and the Watch books) and some of Neil Gaiman's stuff as well.

Natlang Education: GCSEs in Russian (a*) and German (b) (now watch as I remember a total of two words of each [:P]), some Welsh in primary school in southern Wales and two years of French in high school alongside German. I'm currently attempting to learn Icelandic in preparation for Eistnaflug next year [:)]

Favourite Natlang(s): Possibly Old Norse, Faroese and Icelandic as well as Finnish.

Favourite Conlang(s): Purely on the basis of its amazing script, Naduta [:)] Sal's Rawang Ata also seems pretty cool, oh, and Ahzoh's Vrkhazhian

Conlangs: Massively fallen behind on working on them, but the languages of Yantas

Where do you see yourself in ten years?: I'm still struggling with this question. I wanted to do archaeology for so long, but it's been 6 years since I graduated and I can't find the time to volunteer given the hours of my current job. So job-wise I have no idea. Same for relationships, really. Generally speaking, I try not to think about it.
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Re: You

Post by Sglod » 30 Oct 2016 17:13

Alias(es): Sglod
Location: Shropshire
Year of birth: '99
Gender: Animate (male)
Occupation: Student
Interests: Geography (I could study a map for hours!), History, Music, Biology
Favorite music: Mainly rock and some metal, but I'll listen to anything I find interesting...
Political ideology: Left-centre-ish
Conlangs: Kâzaron (dormant), Some new one that hasn't been named yet.
Other hobbies: Music-making, exploring, photography, other ... things ... ?
Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully not dead. Living in a different country.

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Re: You

Post by vampireshark » 31 Oct 2016 22:46

It's been a while since my last update of such things, and a few things have changed, so why not.

Alias(es): vampireshark, bloodbath, and fluffyeel (depending on site)
Location: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Date of Birth: 8 June 1990
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Gender (or "sex" if you prefer): Male
Sexuality: Probably somewhere between a 3 and a 5 on the Kinsey scale
Marital Status: Single. Very single.
Education: A.B. in Physics; M.S. in Chemical Physics
Occupation: Officially, I am a chercheur en formation doctorale, which is basically a Ph.D. student with a work contract
Political Ideology: Quite libertarian, with a strong dislike (of varying flavors) for most major candidates in U.S. politics
Religion: Agnostic (though I did put "atheist" on my Indian visa application, but that was because there wasn't a designation for "agnostic" available... yes, there was a question about religious affiliation when I applied for an Indian visa)
Interests: Conlanging/Conworlding, Travel, Numismatics, Languages in general, Delicious food, Foreign countries and cultures, and Designing stuff for conworlds.
Favorite Music: Rock (Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Guns N' Roses, Texas, etc.) into more melodic Metal (Nightwish, Opeth, Lacuna Coil...)
Favorite Film(s): Amélie is still probably one of my favorites... the music, the scenery, and everything about it.
Favorite Book(s): Jurassic Park and The Lost World, Carrie, Christine, the Harry Potter series, the Abarat series... I should start reading more for fun.
Favorite Travel Destination(s): Central France, Slovenia, and the UK
Natlang Education: I minored in French during my Bachelor's and am living in a Francophone country at present; also, I'm learning/have learned German, which is a bit of a long story as well.
Conlangs: Ilian and Telèmor are my most-developed, with Oshaharu and Mis somewhere on the sliding scale of development. Have a few others that've fallen by the wayside.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?: Ideally, still doing research, hopefully in a tenure-track position somewhere. Not really picky where, though Europe'd be nice.
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Re: You

Post by Wario Toad 32 » 19 Nov 2016 06:24

Code: Select all

[b]Alias(es):[/b] Wario Toad, Wario, Faloch
[b]Location:[/b] Vancouver, Canada 
[b]Date of birth:[/b] 18/August/Sometime in the last decade of the 20th century
[b]Gender:[/b] Male 
[b]Interests:[/b] Germanic Languages, Minecraft, Nintendo, Pop and Rap music.
[b]Favorite music:[/b] Pop and Rap. 
[b]Political ideology:[/b] Central. A bit more left leaning. 
[b]Conlangs:[/b] Faloch, Frisian Dialect, Northern Cubits (Cypher I made about 3 years ago for my minecraft world), a bunch of undeveloped a Prioris.
[b]Other hobbies:[/b] Video Gaming, YouTubing, 
[b]Where do you see yourself in ten years?[/b] 
Not sure? Hopefully traveling.

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Re: You

Post by KpTroopaFR » 29 Nov 2016 07:36

Alias(es): Koops, Kooper, Mista Koops (on YouTube) or KpCuck (only my closest online friends call me that), AKoopsAcrossTime, oh and also my real name.
Location: A city of 26k inhabitants in Southern France
Date of birth: May 22nd, 2003
Gender: Male
Occupation: 10th grader (the french equivalent)
Interests: conlangs, mapping, making music, micronations and doodling
Favorite music: Electro (Dubstep, Chiptune, Glitch Hop) or anything Gorillaz has made
Political ideology: right, french republican party (although I'm still a bit young and unsure)
Conlangs: Daenarian*, Vaku, Varindic, the 'Allan Language family
Other hobbies: none
Where do you see yourself in ten years? at a family dinner with my old parents, my sister and possibly her husband and my nephew(s)/niece(s) (I'd be too young to be married even then).

*Italic means abandoned
Valdorian Alphabet

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Re: You

Post by LinguoFranco » 22 Dec 2016 23:03

Alias(es): I shall be known as only Linguo Franco, or just Franco
Location: South Carolina
Date of birth: 8/15/1996
Gender: Male
Occupation: Wage slave
Interests: conlanging, anime, manga, politics
Favorite music: Gorillaz, trance music
Political ideology: Geolibertarianism
Conlangs: Namasan
Other hobbies: Chess, writing
Where do you see yourself in ten years? I have no idea. Hopefully having some job where I make enough money to live comfortably

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Re: You

Post by Evynova » 01 Jan 2017 18:51

Alias(es): I've got a few: Evynea, Evynova, Ayneea, Naiiri
Location: South of Belgium
Date of birth: 26 November 1997
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student in translation, English-Danish-French. I might also study Swedish and/or Norwegian in the future.
Interests: Reading, writing, conlanging, world-building, music, learning, philosophy, cars, science, history, ...
Favorite music: A bit of everything, though mostly metal. I also listen to blues, jazz, rock, classical music, rap, some pop, ...
Conlangs: I haven't finished any so far, but I have 2 drafts, one definitely more advanced than the other.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? No idea! Hopefully I will have been able to get my dream job (book translator), and I will have moved to a foreign country.

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Re: You

Post by Squall » 01 Jan 2017 23:23

I don't know if I have ever answered it, but let me answer again.

Alias(es): It is randomly thought when it is chosen.
Location: Brazilian central area. It's 1000 km from the coast. I have never seen things like snow and sea. Therefore, the conlang lacks some words and 'snow' is 'water icecream'. [xP]
Date of birth: Before 2000
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Interests: Technology, Free software, Geography, History, Music
Favorite music: classic sertanejo, classic forró, jazz, J-pop, 1980's rock, classical music, Gameboy music, a lot of other things.
Political ideology: Direct democracy, Socialism, Neotribalism, Environmentalism, Minimalism
Conlangs: I have many conlangs, including artlangs, auxlangs, romlangs and anglolangs.
Other hobbies: Conworlding, writing, anime, films, salsa
Where do you see yourself in ten years? The same life.
English is not my native language. Sorry for any mistakes or lack of knowledge when I discuss this language.
:bra: :mrgreen: | :uk: [:D] | :esp: [:)] | :epo: [:|] | :lat: [:S] | :jpn: [:'(]

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Re: You

Post by Egerius » 23 Jan 2017 15:58

Two years? This deserves an update:

Alias(es): Egerius, Wulfstan, Leofric, Cesarius, Argentius Bonavallensis, [≥1 grapheme] + [real-life name]
Location: (officially) Germania, rheno vicinus, Polonia, masuriis (inoficially)
Date of Birth: September 29, 1993
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Education: German Abitur
Occupation: Student of Italian and English philologies, BA
Political Ideology: Socialist/Left
Religion: Roman-Catholic Christian
Interests: Conlanging, conworlding, western calligraphy, drawing, LARP, (Late) Rome/early Middle Ages/Renaissance, 80's - 90's retrocomputing (Non-PC-clones)
Favorite Music: 80s (MJ, Queen), Beatles, ecclesiastic chants (Corsican, Roman, Beneventan)
Favourite TV: News, Simpsons, documentaries, Doctor Who
Favourite Film: Harry Potter, Tolkeinverse, Back to the Future
Favourite Books: Fiction: See above. Non-fiction: More stuff than would fit here.
Natlang Education: English (C2), Polish (Native, refined C2 level), (minimal) Latin, Spanish (B1/B2), Standard Italian (B2, expanding), West Saxon and Early South-Western Middle English (can beg for food and swear)
Favourite Natlang: Italian in appearance, English in versatility, West Saxon and South-Western Early Middle English for spells (and academic purposes, of course!)
Favourite Conlang: Wenedyk (van Steenburgen), Selvesc (Dormouse559)
Conlangs: Romanz (Buonavallese, Saselvan, Argemontese), Wínlandisch, Proto-Avesto-Umbric (on hibernation)
Conworld(s): Rodentèrra (non-magic, anthropocritic/anthroposatiric) [2013+, English], World of Ur-Land (magic, fantasy world) [2016+, German]
Where do you see yourself in ten years? With a Master's degree in my hands, lots of unfinished short stories and three unfinished books, but a mass of background material.
  • Created the Dragon Script in 2007/2008, which survives in a facsimile of a late 2013 transcript; general draft of Rodentèrran runes.
    Still a proud Mac user. Proud, but not stuffing it into everyone's throat!
    Mín líf is to scrifanne and leornian.
Languages of Rodentèrra: Buonavallese, Saselvan Argemontese; Wīlandisċ Taulkeisch; More on the road.
Conlang embryo of TELES: Proto-Avesto-Umbric ~> Proto-Umbric
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Re: You

Post by quixoticxenoglot » 10 Feb 2017 21:06

Actual name: Salem.
Alias(es): secondmoonofuranus, softchara
Location: That state with all the cheese.
Date of birth: 2000-01-28 (age 17).
Gender: Anywhere between bigender and trans female depending on my mental state. Any pronouns are fine, I don't really have the energy to care [:P]
Occupation: High school student, cashier.
Interests: Alternate history, regular history, conlanging and linguistics (obviously!!), cartography.
Favourite music: Awful, awful electronica and genres suffixed with -punk.
Political ideology: Some kind of far-lefty, influences from anarcho-syndicalism and council communism.
Religion: Lazy generic Abrahamic theism.
Conlangs: Half a million half-completed sketches, and also one I'll be posting pretty soon but that I don't have a name for yet (!!!)
Other hobbies: Writing, worldbuilding, computer games, biking when it's not the dead of winter.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? Facedown in a ditch, dead, by the side of the highway. Ideally out of college and semi-financially stable.

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Re: You

Post by bbbourq » 12 Mar 2017 20:56

Alias(es): Brian
Location: Los Angeles
Date of birth: 1976
Gender: Male
Occupation: Security
Interests: diachronic linguistics, etymology, conlanging
Favorite music: Death/Extreme Metal, Chill-out music (talk about paradoxical)
Political ideology: Prefer not to say
Conlangs: Lortho [loɾtʰo]
Other hobbies: calligraphy, drumming, travel
Where do you see yourself in ten years? I hope to be in a house in Malibu with my family

"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't." - Mark Twain

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Re: You

Post by kinkinkijkin » 15 Mar 2017 01:14

Alias(es): kinkinkijkin, danwomansan
Location: Canada
Gender: intersex, present female
Occupation: permanently disabled
Interests: racing, conworlds, music
Favorite music: lots
Conlangs: Deret [deret_>]
Other hobbies: simracing, creating tracks for simracing, making and listening to music

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Re: You

Post by OTʜᴇB » 16 Mar 2017 22:40

I know it was only in November last year that I posted here, but I'd say I've changed just enough to warrant an update.

Alias(es): OTheB (and variations including 0TheB and OTʜᴇB)
Location: SW England
Date of birth: 10/8/2000 (DD/MM/YYYY)
Gender: Don't believe in gender... Biological sex is Male. I have a mentally scripted 30min rant on this topic...
Occupation: Y12 Student. I do a tiny bit of freelance bass-playing.
Interests: Computer Programming/Components, Music, Bass, Maths, Obscure punctuation, and definitely not Conlanging and Linguistics⸮
Favorite music: Classical/Modern Orchestral (I like my Beethoven and my Stravinsky), Oriental Electro (Recently discovered and I can't get enough of it), Chiptune, the better side of Dubstep, FUNK!, anything musically interesting that isn't too noisy.
Political ideology: Mid-far Left Utilitarian
Religion: I'd say Atheist, but I really don't care about religions unless someone is preaching either way. I'd side with the Atheist as that's the only side with any coherent case, and the scientific method has kind of shown that no God is the case until we have more evidence. I could rant about this for hours. Generally though, if the person doesn't go on about it, I couldn't care less.
Conlangs: Inyi (didn't work very well), Project Mimal (coming along very nicely)
Other hobbies: Where do I start? Music Playing (Classical on Double Bass and Funk on Bass Guitar)/Writing (I have a go at everything), Programming, PC Building, PC Gaming,
Where do you see yourself in ten years? My aspiration is not to be tied into any job, but instead to just have the time and resources to embark on my own projects. I invent a lot of stuff, but I don't have an income or any free time so I can actually properly research and make any of them :/

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Re: You

Post by loglorn » 16 Mar 2017 23:32

I had a few comments but each and every of them would go against No Cross No Crown
Diachronic Conlanging is the path to happiness, given time. [;)]


Other langs: Søsøzatli Kamëzet

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Re: You

Post by KaiTheHomoSapien » 17 Mar 2017 06:35

I'm continuously surprised by how young many people here are. I was so used to posting on other sites where I was often the youngest member, but it's cool that so many teens are into conlanging. I guess it does start in those years (or younger) for most of us :)

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Re: You

Post by shimobaatar » 15 Apr 2017 08:05

It looks like I last updated this near the end of December 2014, so I might as well do it again. I don't think much has changed, really, but I've added more information.

Alias(es): shimobaatar, shimo if you're nasty
Location: Indiana, USA
Origin: Pennsylvania, USA
Date of birth: October 20, 1997
Gender: I'd rather not say.
Sexuality: I like the term "pansexual", but I find it's easier to just say "bisexual".
Marital/Relationship Status: Single
Education: Public American High School
Occupation: Freshman College Student/Linguistics Major
Interests: Linguistics, writing, fiction, history, anthropology, folklore, religion, mythology, the occult, sociology, etc.
Favorite music: Pop-punk, rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, jazz, etc.
Political ideology: Far left, anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, etc.
Religion: Culturally Eastern Orthodox, agnostic/spiritual in terms of my actual beliefs.
Natlang Education: English (native), German (4 years), Spanish (4 years), French (1 year), Finnish (1 year)
Conlangs: Countless a priori "Project" ideas for my conworld, and quite a few a posteriori languages too, mostly Germlangs.
Conworlds: Bwana, and at least a few alternate Earths.
Other hobbies: Writing, reading, playing video games, watching TV, movies, and YouTube, sleeping, etc.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hard to say. Hopefully working toward my doctorate and living independently?

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