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Re: Lingua Latina

Post by elemtilas » 09 Oct 2018 18:26

Lambuzhao wrote:
09 Oct 2018 03:23
elemtilas wrote:
08 Oct 2018 04:14
Lambucibundus/-a/-um : on the verge of being treated to delectable morsels of mirabilia; cf. lambucibilia
Wow! Touché!

[->] [->] [->] [->]
(Cic., Prisc., Luc.Sam., Patr., etc.) q.v.
First sources! Attestations!! Like a true Classicist! [xP] [+1] x 1010

Gratias tibi ago, mi amice!

quibusquibus in libris eis veteris est volt ciuftibundibus!

...lambucibundi remani Streptococco rege || proferentes arma Pascones vident... (Adventurion of Patronicus)

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Re: Lingua Latina

Post by Lambuzhao » 18 Sep 2019 02:22

Well here comes a suggestion for an epicene pronoun in Latin.

The closest thing to a complete epicene pronoun of any sort in Latin is the animate interrogative /quis/, as it has only an animate/inanimate distinction with neuter /quid/

However, I would offer isquis based on quisquis the relative/interrogative pronoun, but with some kitbashing.





Note: *icui (Orig. DAT.SG cuicui) will do duty for both DAT.SG and ABL.SG . **esques (Orig. ACC.PL *quesques) will do duty for both NOM.PL & ACC.PL .

Again, just by way of suggestion. And 3rd decl. ADJs and PRS.PTCPs would match pretty easily in the M/F non distinction.

Have no idea what to do with 3-termination ADJs like bonus/a/um, or PFT.PASS.PTCPs, GRDVs…(?¿)

Maybe fall back on the default masculine gender in those cases? Maybe use synonyms from 3rd decl. ADJs instead (¿?)

Just some thoughts

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